Where I’ve Been

Traveling is such a big passion of mine. Through clever budgeting and making travel a priority, I’ve managed to spend major portions of every year since 2010 on the road exploring new continents and new destinations.

Statistically, I’ve wandered my way across 7 continents, 55 countries and more than 500 cities or about 39% of the world and more than 1.9 million kilometres.

Where am I headed next in 2017? That’s always a good question. This year I’m planning to spend some time writing in Canada and doing some local travelling. I’m also planning to travel down into the United States hiking, road tripping and heading to Vegas for the very first time. For bigger trips, I’d love to spend 6-8 months travelling through central Asia but we’ll see where the latter half of 2017 takes me!

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    1. Hey Matt! I’m looking at doing it this fall/early autumn when the season starts up again. Hoping the Canadian dollar strengthens in that time. As for the map, I used TripAdvisor’s Cities I’ve Visited Facebook app 🙂

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