12 Things you Definitely Need to Know When you Date a Girl from Saskatchewan

Dating someone from Saskatchewan or thinking about it? Here are 12 things you might need to know 😉

1. We will “borrow” your bunnyhug to keep warm.
It’s about layers with girls from Saskatchewan. On those cool summer nights or frigid winter days, we want something big, warm and cozy to wear. So we’re going to steal your Ten Tree bunnyhug and never give it back. Yes, we will still wear it after the relationship has ended, and no we won’t think about you anymore when we do.

2. We consider cruising down grid roads chasing the sunset a legitimate date.
Like many kids from Saskatchewan, we’ve likely moved into the city to pursue university and a job. That’s why it’s so important to take us Sask. girls out for a cruise in the countryside. Catch the sunset, watch the stars, and then cozy up in a blanket when those flickering northern lights come out to dance the night away. I promise this is the best date you’ll ever have, minus the mosquitoes.

3. Toques are appropriate clothing to wear any time of year.
Yes, I do mean beanies for those not from Saskatchewan or Canada. Toques are not just practical for keeping our ears warm in the minus 40 degree Celsius winters, they are also quite stylish. Better yet are toques that claim how proud we are of our province, so go buy us one as a gift. We’ll love it. #prairieproud #hardpressed

4. We bleed green.
No, not literally, but when it comes to watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders play football in Mosaic Stadium in the Queen City, we are fully committed. Next to our collection of former boyfriends’ bunnyhugs in our closet is our Rider gear, both pink and green.

5. We love beer as much as you do.
With Great Western Brewing located in the heart of Saskatoon and no shortage of craft breweries to choose from, we’re no stranger to pounding a beer or, let’s be honest, a 12 pack. Don’t bother offering us a fruity cooler or wine because we’re just as happy swigging our home-grown barley sandwiches bought from the LB as much as you are.

6. We can drive your truck and tractor and can spin circles around you on a dirt bike.
Many of us prairie girls grew up in the country, which means we know our way around a motorized vehicle. Take us for a rip out on snowmobiles or dirt bikes, or take us out in the boat. Not only can we drive it ourselves, but we’ll probably leave you in the dust. 

7. We will get defensive if you call our province flat.
It’s not flat. Get off the Yellowhead and Trans-Canada highways. Saskatchewan has one of the highest points in Canada east of the Rocky Mountains and lots to explore in terms of geography and topography so do some research. Whoa – did I just get defensive writing about it?

8. We love to dance: Ukrainian, polka, and two-step.
Not only can we break it down in a club like any girl around the world, but we also have some impressive dance moves you might not expect. We know how to do the seven-step, the butterfly, and when it comes to the kolomeyka, we’ll be right in there performing our best Ukrainian dance tricks to show off.

9. We consider hunting and harvesting real seasons.
It’s not always wintertime in Saskatchewan. We also consider hunting and harvesting as real seasons (okay, road construction counts as a season too). Don’t mind us while we log some time pushing bush or dialing into John Gormley Live on 650 CKOM while in the combine.

10. Feed us real food.
Salads aren’t always for us even though we might order them on occasion. We’re happiest stuffing our faces with perogies and deer sausage. Don’t forget the scoop of ice cream with a slice of homemade Saskatoon pie for dessert. Bonus points if you made it yourself.

11, A five hour road trip for a date is reasonable.
Saskatchewan is big with many great places to eat and visit around the province. It’s no problem to drive two hours just to get ice cream from the Twisted Sisters, or make a spontaneous stop in any small town to feast at their fowl suppers. We don’t mind time spent in the car, it helps us get to know you better.

12. We clean up well.
Although we like to get outside the city and enjoy adventure, we also like to get dolled up and go out on the town. A stroll along the Meewasin Trail or Wascana Lake is the perfect end to a date night out tasting Saskatchewan in our cities’ rich culinary scenes.

Who knows, you might just find yourself moving here to date a girl from Saskatchewan.

34 Replies to “12 Things you Definitely Need to Know When you Date a Girl from Saskatchewan”

  1. I LOVE Saskatchewan. Other places you can’t even SEE the scenic view because there are too many mountains and trees in the way.

  2. Ashlyn, have you dated a Winnipeg guy. I’ve been trying to find a friend who can keep up with me. Tractor or whatever

      1. Don’t do it! I used to live in Winnipeg and it’s the only place on earth that is colder than Saskatchewan in the winter! And it floods every spring, it has more mosquitoes in the summer than a Waskesiu swamp, the fall is wet and dreary and did I mention how cold it gets in the winter! Drive an hour in any direction from Winnipeg and you get normal weather so Winnipeg is kinda like the Bermuda Triangle of Canada, only people don’t disappear they just freeze!
        Actually it’s not that bad, yes I really did live there and even in the coldest winters it has some of the warmest people you will meed anywhere outside of Saskatchewan.

        1. Haha my best friend now currently lives in Winnipeg and I thought it might be a great excuse for a road trip and finally make it to the city. Saskatoon is notoriously cold (albeit without the “Winterpeg” nickname) so I think, if I bundle up appropriately, I might be okay! 😀

  3. About all I can add is this: I proposed to my Saskatchewan girl at Wascana Lake, she accepted, and now my wife and I are in our second romantically saturated year of marriage… and I’m moving to be with her in Saskatchewan – GO RIDERS!

  4. Great read; thanks for sharing. Seems pretty accurate to me as a former Sask. girl and one who wants to return from the west coast.

  5. I love seeing different places around the world, but I am happy to call Saskatchewan home.

    Saskatchewan girls are truly incredible. 🙂

  6. Awesome…oh I’d kill for a perogy dinner and saskatoon pie. My Irish husband says Sask is flat. I’ve had to put him in his place several times.

      1. His loss Ashlyn! I’ve lived in Asia and all over Canada and the US and I can honestly say that Saskatchewan girls kick ass!!!!!

  7. This is great! I’ve always tried to explain to people what Saskatchewan girls like and you’ve hit the nail on the head! My Ontario boyfriend finally understands. Thanks Ashlyn!!

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