9 Benefits of Traveling with Another Person

I spend a lot of time traveling on my own, but I also often meet other travelers or have friends or my parents join me for a couple days to a couple weeks. There are things I love about solo travel but there are also aspects I really enjoy when traveling with someone I know and care about. Sometimes traveling with another person outweighs traveling solo, because it’s less about the place you see and the people you see those places with. Here are 8 benefits to traveling with another person:

1. It Saves Money
The biggest benefit of traveling with another person is the savings from splitting the cost of things. Sharing the price of a taxi or car rental, or even splitting the cost of a hotel room makes a big difference in your budget. If you can save 50% off the price of something, it’s definitely worth traveling together.

2. No Single Supplement 
Have you ever had to pay extra because you’re only one person taking up space in a room? Or even more awkward, you had to share a bed or a tent with a complete stranger (yup, both have happened) otherwise you have to pay more. It’s one of the downsides to traveling solo, but with a partner-in-crime you don’t have to worry about these types of things happening and costing you more money. Often a private room split in a hostel is the same price you both would be paying for a dorm bed, which is great for privacy and cost.

3. You Won’t be Lonely
As long as you get along, you won’t be lonely while traveling. Sometimes eating meals by yourself or enjoying a hot springs solo isn’t as fun so I appreciate the moments I get to share with others when traveling.


Ashlyn George Drakensburg

You don’t even always have to talk with each other, but just enjoying a silent moment in awe of nature is more fun with someone else.

5. Security
Have you ever tried to use a squat toilet in 40 degree heat with your backpack on or rolling luggage tucked tightly inside with you? Not always the most sanitary or enjoyable. When you travel with someone else they can watch your gear while you use the restroom and vice versa. You’re also sometimes less of a target on the street when there are two of you.

6. You Can Talk About Your Trip with Them (and They Get it)
Back at home people don’t always want to hear trip stories or details. However, if someone else experienced it with you then you can always talk about your adventures together. I love sending texts or messages to friends starting with “remember that time… in Iceland when we crashed our car into a bridge?” (true story) and then laughing about what wasn’t a very funny situation at the time.

7. Someone Can Take Photos For You
I use a tripod or ask other travelers when I need a photo taken but you’d be surprised at the number of people who can’t frame a photo properly. When you travel with someone else you can get them to take photos of you in front of monuments, on the beach or enjoying that pina colada. If it didn’t work the first time, you can ask them to take another one without feeling bad about it. Plus, it looks less silly taking a selfie together than it does taking a selfie alone.

Selfie's are so much easier to take when there's two (or more) of you!

Selfie’s are so much easier to take when there are two (or more) of you!

8. No Banking Issues
You used to have to call your bank in advance and let them know you were traveling otherwise your accounts would get frozen. Today you don’t need to call the bank, but that doesn’t mean you’re free of money problems. When in Iceland, my travel partner and I were in a very remote location with few towns, few people and fewer gas stations. We had to gas up late at night at an automated fuel station but my friend’s bank card wasn’t working. Thankfully, mine was and we were able to pay for fuel and continue on our journey.

9. Different Perspective
I know what I like and how I like it – to the extent that sometimes I forget to experience things I don’t usually do. When traveling with another person, they have different interests and can bring a unique perspective to the adventure. I don’t always focus on the historical side of traveling, but if my partner is big into it, it provides me with something new and different to appreciate while on the road.

There are benefits to traveling solo as well as with someone else (or even a group). What do you prefer and why?

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  1. I hate being lonely! I am not a social person, but I also don’t like being by myself because it makes be depressed. It would be so fun to vacation with a close friend or a loved one. That way, you can have company, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by a bunch of people.

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