15 Signs You’re Suffering from Wanderlust

Itching to get back out on the road and see some new sites and go on some grand adventures? You might just be suffering from wanderlust – the desire to travel and wander the world. I have a chronic case of it as traveling is always on my mind. Here are fifteen sure-fire ways you know you’re suffering, just like me.

  1. You think about traveling all the time.

  2. You talk about it all the time. Thank goodness your friends are so awesome and listen no matter what.

  3. You Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Google photos and destinations. You can recognize most destinations because you’ve seen so many pictures of the place online and have been there.

  4. Your computer bookmark list is full of other travelers blogs that you follow religiously (not to mention the blog you keep when you’re on the road)

  5. You practice pack. You know, just in case.

  6. Every time you buy new clothes you consider if it could work as a multi-purpose travel piece.

  7. Your heart hurts when you reminisce about previous trips. Good ole’ nostalgia.

  8. You obsessively go through previous trip photos and have turned them into photo books, scrapbooks and wall hangings

  9. You find yourself randomly looking up flights to somewhere hoping it’ll be such a good deal you can’t pass it up.

  10. You subscribe to a host of travel emails that don’t help your wanderlust.

  11. You have a trip countdown app on your phone.

  12. You hear about a new country and immediately Google it and see where it is and come up with reasons why you need to travel there next.

  13. Three words: travel accessories sale.

  14. Your next trip is planned before you’re even home from your current one.

  15. You feel like there’s something missing in your life.

  16. And of course, you read this list and fit right into each sign.

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