Top 10 Favourite Foods Around the World

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge foodie, but I’m always up for trying and delighting in new and different types of dishes served up in other countries. I have a soft spot for street meat regardless of knowing the risks when eating it and I can never seem to eat enough chocolate or ice cream while on the road. With that being said, here are my top ten favourite foods I’ve eaten and fallen in love with around the world.


  1. Lobster in Colombia
    I think I’ve ruined lobster forever after tasting the succulent crustacean in Cabo de la Vela, Colombia. Freshly caught that day and scrumptiously prepared for a mere $10 U.S. with all the fixings, it was a little piece of luxury while staying in a very simple and basic town hours away from civilization. I don’t think I’ll taste lobster this good for that cheap ever again.


  2. Pupusas in El Salvador
    These thick corn tortilla dishes that are stuffed full of beans, cheese and often pork are delicious, filling, and cheap. Don’t forget to top it off with some crunchy, fermented cabbage slaw which tastes a lot better than it looks. On the streets of El Salvador you could usually get three for a dollar.

    Sticky Rice

  3. Sticky Rice in Laos
    I had never heard of sticky rice until I arrived in South East Asia and I quickly became a fanatic, ordering it whenever I could. Top it with mango or ice cream or simply eat it on its own (like I often did) and you’ll be happy and full every time.

    Coconut Candy

  4. Coconut Candy in Vietnam
    I recently had a co-worker give me some coconut candy at work and it took me right back to Vietnam where I first tried it. This chewy, sweet, and tasty candy is addicting and the giant bag I bought myself when I was in Vietnam hardly lasted me more than a few days.

    Street Vendor Thailand

  5. Pad Thai in Thailand
    No food vendors in the world have come close to matching the amazing street food offered up in Thailand. Fresh and tasty, you can order anything from spring rolls, to smoothies, to mystery meat that you’re better off not looking too closely at. But my all time favorite was the amazing pad thai you could buy for only a few dollars and eat right there on tables provided or take-away for later at your hotel.

    Ecuadorian Soup

  6. Soup in Ecuador
    What better way to stay warm up high at elevation than starting your meal with a delightful soup, and Ecuador had some of the most savory soups I’ve come across. I’m certain they throw in whatever ingredients they have available (re: chicken feet), but I think that’s what makes it taste so good.


  7. Quinoa in Bolivia
    A bit of a trend now in North America is this amazingly simple food grown throughout many countries in South America. I couldn’t help but have my taste buds delighted by the impressive ways the Bolivians prepare this grain. From quinoa porridge to salads and casseroles, I just couldn’t eat enough of it while in Bolivia.


  8. Potatoes in Peru
    Probably not everyone’s top pick when it comes to amazing food from Peru, but I couldn’t help but be impressed by the more than 3800 types of different potatoes this country grows. There are a myriad of ways to prepare them and I enjoyed every single way I came across.

    Frying Lion Fish Filets

  9. Lionfish in Honduras
    An invasive species in the Caribbean that has venomous spiky ray fins, it’s a surprisingly fresh and tasty dish. I was lucky enough to have a dive instructor catch a few and give them to me for a very lovely and fresh supper that same evening.

    Ice Cream

  10.  Ice Cream, Everywhere
    Who am I kidding? This list wouldn’t be proper without putting ice cream on it. I don’t tend to eat much of it while at home, but when I’m on the road, I cannot eat enough. I eat it at least once a day, if not twice when I’m traveling. Nothing satisfies more than a nice chocolate ice cream cone when you’re away from home for a while.

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