Deciding Where to Travel

Deciding where to travel to for your next vacation? A good way to think about what location you want to go to is to think about what you’re looking for and what you want to do. Do you want to relax? Go on an adventure? Site-see? Eat amazing food? Brush up on living history? To help you decide what destination is perfect for you, here are three things to consider:

Kinabalu SunriseInterests
I am, by nature, an outdoors lover. I want to go to destinations with the most amazing landscapes and dramatic scenery I can find and I want to hike, climb, trek, white water raft, and camp all over it. I base my trips on the most exciting outdoors activities I can find. But other people enjoy big cities with their hustle and bustle and diversity of culture. And still others love the toasty-warm beach vacation with white sand, snorkeling, and copious amounts of sun tanning time with a good book. And some people enjoy a little bit of everything. So think about what you would enjoy with your vacation time, and then look to destinations that offer you those types of activities.

Foreign MoneyBudget
Next, think of your budget and how much money you want to spend. Do you have the $10,000 saved up for an elaborate Antarctic expedition? Or are you looking to spend only $1000 for an all-inclusive resort holiday in Mexico where you don’t have to worry about food or paying for drinks? Traveling is actually a lot cheaper than you expect, depending on where you’re going. Southeast Asia versus Western Europe, for example, is incredibly cheap and has amazing things to see and do. There is a lot of flexibility in choosing a destination that won’t blow a hole in your wallet while sticking to your general interests.

Fiji flightTime
And finally, think about the time and trouble it takes to get to your destination. If you live in North America, a week long holiday in Asia probably isn’t the easiest to accomplish since you’ll spend a large amount of time just traveling there, and then be exhausted from all the traveling (especially if you have an overnight somewhere along the way). If you have more than a week, then definitely take advantage of some destinations not as close to your home country.

So take a second to think about what you want to do on your vacation and then you can start thinking of some of the destinations that can offer you those specific types of experiences that can stick to your budget. Once you’ve selected which country(ies) you want to visit, the next tough decision is deciding what to pack before you go.

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  1. I totally agree. The beauty in the small townships in regional areas reverberates through the hospitality of its residents. Some great cottage getaways are out there, you jusy have to look.

  2. It makes sense to look for destinations that offer you the type of activities you want to do with your vacation time. My two older sisters and I have always wanted to take a trip to get the small-town experience. We’ll have to book accommodations that will provide us with that experience, such as a cottage.

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