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Ashlyn George, supposed-to-be high school teacher turned world travel aficionado, has spent the last 6 years  following her curiosity exploring more than 50 countries across 6 continents.

Completing two degrees in 2010 (B.A in English, B.Ed in Secondary Education), she booked a ticket across the world and took off on a solo adventure.

As an adrenaline junkie passionate about the outdoors, her blog offers advice on solo travel while detailing the adventurous side of traveling as a single woman.

An enthusiastic and passionate self-starter, Ashlyn is always looking for her next challenge. In 2015 Ashlyn was the official travel blogger and online personality for the province of Saskatchewan. She used her creative talents to document the unique stories of the people, businesses, and destinations in her own backyard. She shared these adventures through the mediums of film, writing, photography, and social media which can all be found at www.saskatchewanderer.ca.

In 2016, Ashlyn is focusing on more travel and pursuing a full-time career in freelance writing, photography and speaking. Since January she has spent four months in Europe, Central America and the United States with many more destinations on the list, including Antarctica.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ashlyn, you are a legend!

    It was so much fun meeting and chatting with you at Shoetrings backpackers in Victoria Falls. I’ve since found a few cool free internet places. Hope you managed to get a taxi without much trouble.

    I emailed you some of the pics we took.

    I’m also intending to link to your website from my backpackers website for fun.

    Wishing you every success with your new and amazing venture in promoting the province in Canada. 🙂 Would be cool to see the website you promote, before and after

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