Why You Should Add 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to Your Library

*Firefly Books provided me with a copy of the book as well as extra copies for a giveaway. But as always, all thoughts, opinions and views are strictly and honestly my own.

In this digital age of social media and blogs, I still recommend travelling with a guidebook.


Several reasons, which I write about here.

But mainly because the convenience and practicality of having a book in your hands – particularly outside of WiFi and cell service – means that you’re not only on the right path to adventure but you’re also well-prepared.

Cue up the newest Saskatchewan and Manitoba guidebook based around nature and the outdoors: 110 Nature Hotspots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Authors Jenn Smith Nelson (from Regina, as well as a personal friend) and Doug O’Neill have put together an informative and practical book detailing all the best locations to explore across the two prairie provinces.

How to Use the Book

Keep this book in the glove compartment in your vehicle!

When out on adventures, you’ll have all the information you need as you travel. (For those who are not always the “in advance” planners and preppers like myself.)

I like to read on-the-go and right before I arrive somewhere. To have this book along for the adventure is the perfect way to make a plan.

3 Reasons This Book is Fantastic:

1. Maps

Maps are the perfect way to show me exactly where I need to go. They give me the bigger picture. At the beginning of each section, I can review a map with the locations listed on it. I not only see where it is geographically but can plan a route to visit as many sites as possible while in the area.

2. Special Interest Section

Instead of searching by location, the special interest section at the back of each province’s listings can be searched by the activity of interest. For example, if you like sky viewing or birds, Jenn has listed out the top locations to check out for both of these activities in Saskatchewan.

3. Written by Locals and Experts

The best advice on what to see and do in an area always comes from a local or expert traveller who knows the region best and has invested considerable time exploring each area. Both Jenn and Doug are well-travelled across Saskatchewan and Manitoba, respectively. Their recommendations and advice are some of the best you can get.

Top Three Locations I Want to Check Out in Manitoba:

With a trip to Manitoba planned for July, I can’t wait to put the book to good use while I discover new places around the province.

Three locations I’m planning to stop in and explore?

  1. Oak Hammock Marsh to release songbirds and go canoeing (page 26)
  2. Riding Mountain National Park because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site (page 36)
  3. Spruce Woods Provincial Park to wander amongst the sand dunes (page 44).

Where I Want to Travel in Saskatchewan

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled quite a bit across Saskatchewan. But my list never gets shorter as there’s always something new to discover!

There are eight locations in Saskatchewan I still need to check off my bucket list:

  1. Ravine Ecological Preserve (page 138)
  2. Greenwater Lake Provincial Park (page 152)
  3. Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve (page 166)
  4. Athabasca Sand Dunes (page 178)
  5. Besnard Lake (page 180)
  6. Buffalo Narrows (page 182)
  7. Clearwater River Provincial Park (page 186)
  8. Ile-a-la-Crosse (page 188)

What’s on your list?!

Thanks to Firefly Books and Jenn Smith Nelson for sending me a copy of the book and for including a few of my images in print (page 101 and page 191, bottom)

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