What I’ve Learned From Traveling

Cradle Mountain Tasmania AustraliaTraveling is less about the places you see and more about the people you see those places with.

Friendships can be formed in mere moments and you can know someone extremely well after only a few days of being with them. This is a blessing.

You become a good judge of character and very independent. You learn how to ask for something or for help because it’s always easier than doing it on your own. The worst that can happen is you’re told no.

You discover the joys of new cultures and people. You giggle about differences in language but find you soon start using those terms as well.

You learn that traveling as a backpacker, everyone is in the same situation and you have a quiet respect for others stuff and their personal space.

You learn just how special your friends back home are when they make a point to always keep in touch and will Skype you at 5am just because you needed to see a familiar face.

Phonsavan Plain of Jars

You learn that there really are amazing, incredible, honest, and kind strangers out there. And you learn to pay it forward whenever you can because someone did it for you.

You learn that traveling really is the ultimate freedom as you wake up every day with the wonderful decision of deciding what to do, where to to go, who to meet, and how you want to make that day worth every moment.

You learn how lucky and grateful you are for the little things.

You learn how bittersweet it is to say goodbye. You’re so thankful to have formed that relationship yet it is always so difficult to leave that new friend. With every person you meet you will have to say goodbye but you throw yourself into that relationship anyway because what you gain from it is always worth more than the pain of leaving each other.

You learn that you choose and blaze your own trail. You make your own opportunities or at the very least take advantage of them where and when you can. Don’t be shy, be open to change. Change is usually where new adventures lie.

I’ve learned there is nothing more attractive than being yourself. Be honest, be kind, and always, always, be who you are.


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