Paradise in Panama’s San Blas Islands

Welcome to paradise: the San Blas Islands.

Located off the north coast of the isthmus of Panama, the San Blas are made up of 365 islands – one for every day of the year.

I spent a few days exploring a variety of the islands – most of which are so small you can walk around them in minutes. On Isla Perro there’s an old gunboat shipwreck meters from the white sand beach that’s fun to snorkel around.

Although a tourist destination and often used by travelers boating their way to Colombia, these islands are still relatively unknown and you’ll only have to share the beaches with a handful of other travelers.

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Shoutout and credit to Ashley Walsh for shooting some of the footage.

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  1. Hey Ash… love your blog. I clicked this tab in the hope of finding videos. I was kind of expecting to see a real of youtube type videos that I just had to click play on. I’m sure they’re here somewhere but it wasn’t obvious 😉 sorry, don’t mean to be negative

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