On Safari in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater

Allowed to stay within the crater for only 6 hours and at a costly fee of more than $200 per vehicle, Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a spectacular feat of nature.

The world’s largest unbroken caldera is filled with more than 25,000 African animals of all kinds – from the endangered rhino to ostriches and flamingos. Not to mention the highest population of lions (and predators) anywhere in Africa.

From the dramatic Rift Valley Escarpment to the vast savannah, experiencing the 20 kilometre across and 600 metre deep Ngorongoro Crater is like something out of a Disney movie.

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  1. Very Beautiful post and Tanzania is very beautiful place I was planning to go to Australia but now I will go Tanzania only because my friend went to Tanzania and she told me about Tanzania that it is such a beautiful place to spent holidays.

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