Epic Day Out Watersliding at the Kenosee Superslides

They aren’t kidding when they call the Kenosee Superslides “super.” These aren’t your standard Best Western hotel waterslides. (And if you check out their website, they’re completely honest about the experience you’ll get on each slide – you may get airborne!).

Which is exactly what I experienced on my very first slide of the afternoon. My friend Mitch and I grabbed a double tube and found our way to the top of the Bonzai Slide. It’s a favourite at the water park but doesn’t exaggerate with its label as a slide for experienced riders. It’s designed as a steep drop, leveling out briefly over two humps where you will catch air, particularly if you’re an adult. I admit I was caught a bit unaware by the speed of the slide and Mitch and I launched over the two humps. It was a telling start to the day which would repeatedly have my adrenaline spiking and heart pumping.

The Kenosee Superslides have been around for nearly 35 years. The current owner has spent the last year making some major upgrades and overhauls to the waterpark. The best part is it’s an adventure of your choice: either an epic whirlwind of splashing and sliding down one of seven adult waterslides (or the kids play area for younger sliders) or a chill day hanging by the lazy canal, soaking in the hot tub and suntanning on the grass.

My preference was to mash them together. I alternated between whizzing down the slides and hopping back in the double tube for a chill float around the canal and snacking on mozza sticks at the concession.

I was delighted by the uniqueness of the slides. Having visited numerous waterparks around the world, I had never seen a waterslide start with a six-foot drop that connects almost immediately into a short pool of water that joins to the next section of the slide. This pattern happened repeatedly all the way down.

The six-foot drop is no joke.

I laughed out loud when I launched out of my tube into the small pool, sputtering around in the water trying to get back on. Even funnier was when a young slider right behind me offered me a tip on how to properly get back on my tube to continue sliding.

Learning curve on the slides aside, the afternoon spent at the Kenosee Superslides was a blast. It was so much fun to spend the whole afternoon outdoors.

A few hot tips for those that plan on visiting this summer:

1. Single yellow tubes are for kids. Blue tubes are for adults.
I watched numerous people (myself included) try to stay on the yellow tubes. They’re just not designed for our bigger frames. You will fall out every single time (to the hilarity of everyone around you).

2. Slide rules and levels are there for your safety. It’s no joke when a slide is listed as intermediate or expert.

3. Bring a blanket and some snacks to enjoy a picnic in the grass between sliding sessions.

As for the 8-story tall free fall slide? Well, that might just have to wait for next time…

Disclaimer: While all thoughts, opinions and stories are my own, this blog post was created in collaboration with a third party. 

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