Three Weeks To Go

I need to book myself a flight on one of these. Stat.

I need to book myself a flight on one of these. Stat.

The countdown is on, and I have less than three weeks left at home before I take off on my little adventure. Except for the tiny little fact that I still haven’t actually booked my flights yet. So technically, I’m not going anywhere.

I must be the worst procrastinator ever. As I mentioned in my previous post, I despise trip planning, and (a big!) part of that is actually booking the flight to get to my destination. But it’s just so difficult to pick a day, know it’ll work and not have other things come up, like a cheaper flight, a different trip plan, or maybe needing another day or two at home to get my stuff organized and say goodbye. Or what if I can get a deal and book multiple flights at once? But I don’t want to get locked into flying on certain days with those other flights because I don’t know where I’ll be… See my problem? I’m just terrible at making decisions, especially when I know they’re probably going to change.

Originally I was going to book a one way flight, and then I discovered that it was only a mere $18 more to book a round trip into Quito, Ecuador. Yup, 18$. I’d be silly not to! And then I got to thinking that maybe flying home from Buenos Aires, Argentina would be a good idea. IF I end up in Argentina, because who knows where I’ll end up and what I’ll be doing!  When I was in South East Asia I was supposed to fly home from Jakarta, Indonesia, and ended up missing that flight home completely and booking a new one and flying from Manila in the Philippines (it was an expensive flight home when I already had one, just in another country, in a previous month). I actually didn’t even make it to Indonesia at all and I was planning on spending a month surfing there. So, you see how trip planning changes when you follow your heart and why I have such a hard time setting things in stone?

Now, instead of writing this blog post, I should probably be looking up flights and making some sort of game plan. I’ll let you know what I decide on…


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