10 Great Things to do in Naples, Italy

Perhaps what comes to mind when you think of Naples, Italy are thoughts of Mafia and the crisis but it is actually one of the most interesting places in the country and home to some of the world’s most incredible sites.

There are a variety of activities to do in Naples and here are 10 of them to check out on your next trip to Italy.

1. Eat Pizza


Every Italian knows where to get the best pizza – Napoli. In actual sense, pizza was invented in Italy back in the 19th century. Since then, the Neapolitans have continually endeavored to make it a fine art. To try great pizza, get it at the pizza-lovers location called Via dei Tribunali.

2. The Underground City

Naples city stands on volcanic ground and the last 2,500 years have seen residents engage in some serious construction work of an underground city. Meaning beneath Naples city are passageways and chambers. Also included in the Naples subterranean region are ancient Greek treasures, pagan burial tombs, raid shelters used during the second World War, and Christian catacombs. Piazza Sanita 14 is the point to find the San Gaudiest catacombs. San Gennaro catacombs are found on Via Capodimonte 13. An English tour guide can take you around the underground city.

3. Visit Capodimonte

Why? It is the museum of art. No collection in Italy compares to the gems found in this museum. Some of the pieces found here are those by Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, El Greco, Botticelli, Andy Warhol and Bellin.

4. Pompeii Treasures – The National Archaeological Museum


Visit Naples and have an opportunity to tour around the best museum in Italy. Stored here are mosaics, dozens of extraordinary frescoes, erotic artifacts, Artemis of Ephesus and remains from the devastation of Mt. Vesuvius.

5. Scooter Races

A crazy reason to visit Naples is to partake in a scooter race. You need to be careful though as scooters have high accident rates. Even walking through the city is quite the adventure to avoid scooters.

6. Dancing

Spend time dancing to the local beat. There are many popular DJs in Naples like Alex Colle who is the type of musician that can get the floor packed in a matter of minutes.

7. Pastries


Did you think pizza is the only food here? Not quite – the menu is long! Other great dishes are seafood, pastas and fried offerings, or fritti. Naples bakeries are pretty rich because of the foreign influences with every element claiming some sort of impact – Spanish, Bourbons, the French and Austrians.

8. Partake in Local Traditions

It’s a tradition: close your eyes and horse around. In Piazza del Plebiscito two bronze horses are placed overlooking each other to create an aisle. Walk in between with your eyes closed.

9. Beach Parties

Partake in beach parties and join the crowds in the evenings at the clubs along the coast.

10. Castles


A visit to Naples should also include a visit to Italy’s most beautiful castles. The castle of Nuovo owes its existence to King Charles I back in 1279 who originally hailed from Anjou. Castle Capuano is also here.

PaoloGuest Writer – Paolo

Paolo Barissano is a traveller, musician and internet marketer. Paolo was born in Naples in Southern Italy. In 2011, he completed his university degree in Tourism Managment. Currently he helps organizations in his hometown promoting its cultural heritage and has a B&B in downtown Naples.

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