Why I Float and Why You Should Too

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My digital lifestyle means I am glued to my smartphone screen or my computer screen.

And it can be exhausting and draining.

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. Plus, it pays my bills so I would never knock something that lets me live the life of my dreams.

But I’ve been searching for balance in my life. How can I do all-the-things and still feel like I have time for my friends, my family and – most importantly – myself?

I bet you’ve asked yourself the same question a time or two as well.

Cue Floating:

A sensory deprivation experience where you float naked in an enclosed tank in 11 inches of water containing 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt (so it’s super buoyant!) The water is the same temperature as your skin so you can hardly feel it against your body which makes it a “sensory neutral experience.” The purpose is to relax, try to reach a meditative state and disconnect from everything around you.

When I first heard about floating I was immediately attracted to the idea. I feel cozy in small spaces (I always pick a window seat when flying!) and I like testing the capabilities of my mind. The ideas behind certain styles of yoga and meditation have always intrigued me.

But I struggle with turning my mind off.

Like everything in life, it all comes down to a learning process. My social media lifestyle might sometimes make me look like a pro, but I assure you I struggle (and still struggle) to paddle whitewater. I still look like Bambi on cross-country skis. But I get out there and keep trying until I get better. There’s no other way to do it.

I float for two different reasons:

  1. To learn to turn my mind off and away from the stresses of the day.
  2. To let my creativity wander – this is especially important for me in a career focused on content creation.

Another major reason to float is because of the health benefits. On my first float, I met a woman who had been floating for months to help her headaches. A friend of mine found her eczema improved after only one float. Although I don’t personally float for a specific health benefit, it’s a big reason to try it out.

What is floating really like?

It’s relaxing, soothing and a really unique experience.

How To: 

The first time you float, the crew at Float Now will walk you through every step. If you forget something, there are helpful signs around the room to remind you what to do.

The “Float Cabin” is much larger than the “Float Pod” and perfect for taller individuals.

There are two options to float in:
1. The pod which is best for short people and those who don’t mind small spaces (my favourite).
2. The cabin which is longer and larger.

Both have lights you can turn on and off inside, as well as an intercom to call the staff if necessary. (You don’t have to close the door or lid if you don’t like enclosed spaces).

The room you’re in is private. You’ll be given all necessary items: towel, make-up remover, ear plugs (to keep the salty water out), a foam float pillow for in the water and soap, shampoo and conditioner for pre and post showering. If you have any cuts or scrapes they also provide a packet of Vitamin D to put on top of each cut. The salt will sting like crazy if you forget. (Personal lesson learned – do not shave your legs the day of a float! Agh!)

Once alone, you’ll strip naked, put in your earplugs and fully shower using their pre-float soap.  Then you simply climb into the pod and close the door or lid. The next 90 minutes is for you to focus on you.

You’ll know when the 90 minutes are up as soft music will be played through the pod or cabin. You’ll climb out of the float chamber, shower off and get dressed.

Float Now provides a separate room to finish getting ready. They offer vinegar to help cleanse your ears of salt, lotion, a blow dryer and a big mirror for doing your hair and make-up.

An inspired drawing by an individual post-float.

They also encourage you to hang around in their lounge area. Grab a tea or Kombucha and spend some time reflecting or feel free to contribute to their float journal.

My Experience:

Over the course of a month, I floated three times.

Sensory deprivation ready!

My mind is loud.

My thoughts never want to shut off. It’s an effort to calm myself from the packed schedule of my day. But that’s exactly why I’m doing this – to get better at that.

My body holds tension in multiple places. Even after several minutes in the darkness of the float pod, my jaw is tight, my shoulders are shrugged into my ears and my upper legs are tense. I consciously focus on releasing the tightness – body part by body part. Trust in the buoyancy of the water, I tell myself.

My mind races over the days’ events. It automatically lists off everything I still have yet to do. I’m drifting through ideas, plans and dreams I have yet to accomplish.

If claustrophobic, you can float the entire time with the lid open.

I challenge myself to keep my eyes open in the dark. The inky blackness is so infinite. There’s nothing to focus on.


I concentrate on the rhythmic up and down of my chest as I draw in the humid air around me. The silky softness of the water feels soothing against my skin. My breathing slows and I’m gently drifting in the silence of the pod. Illogical images dance behind my eyelids. It no longer matters if they make sense.

It’s a sweet surrender in the weightlessness of it all.

The Need-to-Know Details:

Cleanliness: The tanks are filtered between floats and the sterile saline solution is sanitized with UV light, ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

Time: Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Cost: Ranges from $75 for a one-time float to a 3-package deal for $150 as well as a monthly membership.

Feel free to use my code LostGirl15 for a discount on a one-time float to try it out.

Parking: Float Now is in downtown Saskatoon, parking west of Idylwyld is free!

How: Book online here. Or call in to book.

This blog was created in collaboration with Float Now. As always, the thoughts, advice and experiences are truthfully my own.

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